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Developing and retaining people should be a priority. We help to create better employee experiences. Start with our free eNPS plan and only pay for more features when you are ready.

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eNPS Surveys

I'm new to eNPS surveys. Tell me the importance of it, how it all works, and why I should use it.

Employee Engagement Surveys

I'm trying to take employee engagement to the next level. Beyond eNPS, tell me what can I do to improve employee satisfaction and churn.

Features Comparison

I'm looking for something my current employee engagement tool doesn't offer. Give me an overview of your features.

Employee Churn is Expensive

Do you know how staff really feel about your organization or leaders? What about before an employee leaves or resigns?

By better understanding employee satisfaction, it will enable your organization detect low morale within your team and help you to create an informed plan to address those needs, before it is too late.

“We put the power in your hands to create better employee experiences.”

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Understand Your People Better and Make a Difference

By combining the popular Net Promoter Score survey with anonymous, open-ended feedback, our automated employee engagement tool will help you gain hidden insights, improve overall satisfaction and reduce churn rates.

Engagement Scores

Send, track, measure and improve employee engagement scores including eNPS, ESAT, EEI etc.

Custom Surveys

Build your own custom questions and collect specific feedback to better understand your people

Survey Templates

Use built-in survey question templates — including pulse, engagement and employee lifecycle surveys

Automated Reminders

Set automatic follow up reminders with employees who have not yet completed surveys

Anonymous Conversations

Strike up an anonymous live chat conversation with survey respondents on specific answers

Data Analytics

Gain employee engagement insights and trends over time that will help you track your progress

User Roles

Create admin or manager users to send and track specific company wide or department specific surveys


Integrate with business communication platforms like Slack and receive instant survey and feedback notifications

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