ROI Calculator

How much could your company save starting an Employee Engagement Program?

The most well run and highly sought after companies understand the importance of having an engaged workforce. That is why driving employee engagement has become a top business priority, as business leaders look to increase employee retention, productivity, and innovation in the hybrid workforce.

Having an engaged workforce is crucial for becoming a highly productive organization where staff care about their work and know that they are an important part of the company. 

But what is employee engagement and how you convince your decision-makers towards investing in enhancing employee engagement? 

What is Employee Engagement and ROI?

86% of HR professionals define employee engagement as “an employee’s willingness to give his or her best at work.”

80% say employee engagement is “an employee’s emotional commitment to the organization and its objectives.”

A key starting point is answering the age old question "What will be the return on investment of starting an employee engagement program?"

To help you answer the question of ROI and improving employee engagement, we have built an easy to use ROI calculator for measuring employee engagement.

ROI Calculator

It will help you determine the dollar value of highly engaged employees and give you an estimate of potential gains that your company can realize from increasing employee engagement. 

Use this as a tool to help obtain buy-in from the C-suite or anyone else in a budgetary approval-related role.

Access the our free-to-use Employee Engagement ROI calculator here